From next May 11th, we return to resume the activity in person for consultations and treatments, with strict security measures SHC RETURNS TO NORMALITY Multidisciplinary unit pioneer in Spain that addresses the disease from a SÍNDROME DE integral approach CENTRAL SENSITIVITY From the Nutrition Unit we focus on food sensitivity individually, HISTAMINOSIS Y with personalized diets. FOOD SENSITITIVITY We tackle this disease  from a multisystem approach and with pioneering treatments, achieving more than FIBROMYALGIA 85% improvement in chronic pain. 80% of migraines of unknown origin are caused by MIGRAINE food sensitivities.

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Of course! More than 85% of the patients treated at our Unit experience an improvement in their quality of life by undergoing multidisciplinary treatment and being treated by specialists in Central Sensitivity Syndrome.

Not in every case. The aim is to desensitise the body to certain types of food that cause problems at the immunoneuroendocrine level. This can be done through therapeutic diets where the foods to which the patient is sensitised are restricted for a given period of time. The food in question is then gradually reintroduced.

We have a multidisciplinary team: internists, allergists, nutritionists, psychologists, coaches, scientific researchers and professors from domestic and foreign universities.

It depends on each patient and the severity of their symptoms, lifestyle and response time. Generally, after 3 weeks with the multidisciplinary treatment, patients begin to notice changes (less pain and fatigue, more tolerance, etc.).

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