Hospital Admissions for desensitisation

Introduction / Hospital Admissions for desensitisation
Hospital Admissions for desensitisation


Hospital Admissions for desensitisation

This type of treatment is performed when the patient’s clinical picture requires it.
Through admission for approximately 3 days on a complete diet, the patient is offered the chance of a sustained rest of the digestive tract.

During admission, high doses of antihistamine are given through a peripheral route to produce effects at a central level in order to saturate histamine receptors. In addition, a contribution of serum is added which, as a whole, stimulates diuresis and thus leads to the expulsion of inflammatory and immunological mediators through the urine. Depending on the symptomatology of each patient, more specific protocols adapted to their needs are carried out.

This type of admission is carried out in fully equipped rooms, free of chemical agents, internal or external signs. Thanks to this type of treatment it is possible to achieve desensitisation and offer a significant improvement in the patient’s symptoms and quality of life. The success rate is over 80%.

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