Oxidative stress (EDEL)

Introduction / Oxidative stress (EDEL)
Oxidative stress (EDEL)


Oxidative stress (EDEL)

It’s a medical test that seeks to determine the antioxidant power in the blood.

It is performed using the EDEL method, where the aim is to determine the antioxidant power in blood by means of electrochemical oxidation of the sample. It is a test that is carried out on site and the results are delivered immediately, as well as the instructions to be followed according to the result.

Oxidative stress can be generated by an excess of oxidant molecules in the body or by a systematic deficit of antioxidants. When the balance between production and elimination of oxidizing molecules is broken, different chemical alterations occur.

Excess oxidation can influence the deficit of antioxidant defences, of enzymatic systems that are responsible for the inactivation of oxidizing chemical species, as well as external factors (chemical, physical, biological agents, etc.).

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