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On-line assistance service

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The online assistance service has been set up in order to improve the support given to our patients and to facilitate access to doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and coaches to treat those who live outside Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

The goal of this service is to reach all those patients who want our treatments and who find it difficult to travel to our Units, all without compromising on quality.

Prospective online patients should take the following into account:

1) To make an appointment online, please fill in the following form.

2) On the day of the appointment you will receive a call from the health professional with whom you had requested the consultation at the scheduled time. It is important that the telephone number provided by the patient is available.

3) After the consultation, if the doctor considers it appropriate to prescribe a treatment, a digital prescription, valid for any pharmacy, will be sent to you by mail, fax or ordinary mail.

4) Similarly, if the doctor thinks it is appropriate to carry out a specific analytical study in our Unit, you will be given guidance to have bloods taken in your home town. The sample will be sent to Seville for processing in our laboratory on the same day.

5) Both the digital prescriptions and the prescription for clinical analysis are sent to the patient on the day of the online consultation.

6) Afterwards, once the results of the analyses are available, they will be sent to the patient along with a report with the precise instructions to best follow your treatment.

7) Any doubts that may arise during the process will be addressed by our Unit’s staff by e-mail.

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