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Comprehensive coaching

Your essence as a person

The underpinning of our comprehensive coaching is “your essence as a person”. It is rooted in the importance and the need to learn as an individual and to develop socially. Our goal when accompanying patients in their evolution is based on insistence, persistence and resurgence.

To connect each patient’s personal learning, where the individual capacities of the people are strengthened, with the purpose of empowering them and facing real life with a more positive attitude.

By supporting our patients in this way we aim:

• To develop their individual personal capacities, getting our patients to know themselves a little more and be able to recognise all the information and potential they have inside, to understand what is happening to them and to be able to take valuable and powerful steps to face any situation.

• To understand new meanings of the concept of “life”, breaking down stereotypes that are of no benefit and prevent personal evolution. A process is required to develop the action of learning and unlearning in order to channel ourselves towards what we really want to achieve.

• Learning to recognise and manage the emotions that arise throughout life and, especially, in our patients with Central Sensitivity Syndrome, where we consider the importance of their essence as a person and we acknowledge that by learning about their emotions, along with multidisciplinary treatment, we can obtain an improvement in their quality of life.

Monthly coaching sessions

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