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Imagine a more enchanting reality

Welcome to this trove full of encouraging words for you.

We are not really aware of how strong and resilient we are until we are faced with situations of pain and stress. It is in that moment of full awareness that we realise the strength within us and our capacity to keep going.

In this imagination of reality I want us to remember what we have heard for years: “The world is not really as we see it, but as we are”. This is very true. Let me give you an example:

“The same space that a child perceives as the ideal place to play and have fun, an adult can see as an office full of duties, obligations, stress and competition”.

Who’s right? Both are right, each perceives life as he judges it and how he lives it; both have the truth and both enjoy it or suffer it for what it is.

We can be more creative and useful with ourselves and our environment. Our capacity to restructure our thoughts and actions is impressive, when we drive a car and suddenly a pedestrian walks in front of us. Even though we weren’t expecting it, we are able to react immediately and turn the wheel, brake or take swift action to avoid an accident. The same goes for our imagination.

We have the capacity to imagine a better world, in fact unconsciously we always have. If we focus our consciousness on this, the things we can achieve will be wonderful and rewarding.

When I discuss imagination I often turn to John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”. I particularly love this line .

The most complicated situations in life always have the capacity to expand our imagination and find the most rewarding blessings. At critical times in our lives we can grasp the moment and let our imagination fly free to restructure our reality so that it is less hard and more bearable.

It is not a question of evading reality and not facing it. It is a question of making the road a place with less darkness and more light.

I invite you to imagine the realities you want in your life, practice that imagination constantly and you will see how everything flows in a positive way, how you will find the paths to that reality and how, little by little, you grow stronger to fulfil that splendid reality.




Thank you for being part of this WONDERFUL REALITY.

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