You are part of the world you want to live in

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You are part of the world you want to live in

Hi, I am glad you’re here and can share with me these words of action for a better world, because after all, we all want that world, but are we really all working to achieve it?

That world that we want and yearn for so much when we see the news. That phrase we hear at every dinner table, ‘where will it all lead?’ often limits our capacity for action because we never go beyond asking rhetorical questions. If, on the contrary, we begin by strengthening our emotional cultural in order to rise above the mediocrity of our surroundings, perhaps we could be the protagonists of this story, or at least of our own story.

How many times a day do we use these two words: “It’s just”, as if trying to justify our actions or make our problems out to be the biggest or the most deserving of attention. How many times a day do we complain? Are we aware of the hours we spend complaining every day? How many times a day we demand that others understand us when we are the first ones not to understand…

Each of us is part of the world we want and as human beings and individuals we can take steps to make this world a better place, with more understanding, more tolerance, more respect and above all more action. There are little things we can do every day to strengthen good habits and behaviour.

As Enrique Rojas said in his book ‘Intelligent love’ [Amor inteligente]  “Love is like fire, you have to feed it each day. If not, it goes out. You have to feed it with small, seemingly unimportant things that are part of everyday life”.

When we go through difficult times, due to illness or a condition, the first stage of our action is to get angry with the world and everything around us, as if the world were to blame for the situation and getting angry with it the solution.

Today I invite you to reflect a little on this, to strike a balance between what you are feeling and what you are getting with that feeling, what you are doing and what benefits it brings you.

Here are a few little phrases for you to read, analyse and make the best of:

  • Do we demand from those around us something that we do not give? By this I mean: Do I demand understanding from others when I am the one who does not understand their lack of understanding in the first place?
  • Language creates the reality of our environment. What kind of language are we using?
  • What do you do every day to achieve that thing you want most of all?
  • Are you doing what’s best for you and your environment?

May each of these lines help us to think, value and reflect on our daily actions, not only with ourselves, but with the environment around us. If we see a need for values around us, let us be the ones to promote those values, let us not always wait for others to come along.

Gracias por formar parte activa de este mundo.

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