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Your here and now

Good day and happy life, I am grateful that you are here with me to share these lines.

The life we lead today sometimes feels like an automaton, and the omnipresent rush of our lives leads us to block out our awareness of the here and now. This is why we often hark back to the past or look towards the future when searching for intense feelings without paying attention to the here and now.

One of the strategies we can use to start enjoying the present moment is to pay attention to the place we are in, listen carefully to the sounds around us, breathing consciously to capture how we feel in that instant. If we feel our present, the one that fills our here and now with magic, colour, light, life and energy to move forward.

Feeling should not only be measured in moments of nature, of fresh air, of meditation. The feeling that I am talking about can also be found in the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, in the freshness of the air when we wake up and open the window, in the smile or lack of smile that we get from the first person we see in the day… yes, we should also accept non-smiling as part of our daily life because it can help us to be aware of the power of the smile, the power of gratitude and of a good day.

Let us not underestimate the power of our here and now, let us not wait for that longed-for future to come, let us make the path to that future a path filled with feelings and moments.

I invite you to feel and live all the feelings you experience today. Allow yourself to feel happiness, sadness, fear, strength, anguish, but feel it so deep that you make it yours and that it makes you feel alive.

Thank you for being here and for being part of the world. Pao.

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